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Logistical Lowdown- compliments of your True Blue Logistics Crew

How to Stay Safe on the Road this Summer

Posted by Hannah Reineke on 6/22/18 3:09 PM

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Outsourcing: An Outside of the Box Solution to Labor Shortages

Posted by Bryan Keller on 6/15/18 2:18 PM

On June 1st, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released a statement saying, "The unemployment rate edged down to 3.8 percent in May." This is the lowest unemployment rate since 2000 and a sign that the job market has become even more competitive and "manufacturing employment continued to expand over the month (+18,000)." Additionally, their workforce statistics have preliminary job openings in manufacturing at 451,000 for April 2018.

As the competition for qualified workers continues to grow, manufacturers are needing to come up with outside of the box solutions for labor and staffing in order to meet customers' product demand. One way to combat the shortage in the labor market is to outsource aspects of your manufacturing to a contract packager.

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2018 Operation KAVIC Fundraising Events

Posted by Meredith Mickey on 6/8/18 3:16 PM

Operation K.A.V.I.C. (Keller Assists Veterans In Crisis) is in its 3rd year of assisting veterans, reservists, national guardsmen, and their surviving spouses in Defiance County. What started out as simply using money collected from employee jeans days at Keller Logistics Group to buy gift cards for the veterans office to distribute to local veterans during the holidays has expanded into an annual fund that provides financial assistance to local veterans to fill the gaps in their veteran benefits. 

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Serving the Call of Duty

Posted by Tom Keller on 6/1/18 2:24 PM

2018 marks the 40th anniversary of the incorporation of Thomas E. Keller Trucking. Tom’s humble beginnings taught him the value of family, hard work, and building a legacy as told in his memoir, The Life and Legacy of Thomas E. Keller.

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Honoring Memorial Day 2018

Posted by Hannah Reineke on 5/25/18 2:00 PM

While many recognize Memorial Day as the first three-day weekend of summer, it is important to remember the meaning behind the holiday. On Memorial Day, we remember and honor the sacrifices of our nation's veterans. On the last Monday in May, we take time to reflect on the lives lost in battle to protect our freedoms we enjoy today. 

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6 Key Factors to Becoming A Shipper of Choice

Posted by Meredith Mickey on 5/18/18 2:32 PM

As the freight market continues to evolve and tighten, carriers can be more selective about the freight they accept. As a shipper, making your freight more favorable to carriers will ensure you have capacity when you need it most. 

By following payment terms, being flexible with delivery schedules, providing visibility to your carriers, being up front with expectations, providing driver amenities, and keeping the lines of communication open will make you a shipper of choice to your carriers and therefore, your freight is more likely to selected by a carrier when capacity gets tight.  

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Learning From Hardships

Posted by Tom Keller on 5/4/18 2:16 PM

2018 marks the 40th anniversary of the incorporation of Thomas E. Keller Trucking. Tom’s humble beginnings taught him the value of family, hard work, and building a legacy as told in his memoir, The Life and Legacy of Thomas E. Keller.

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4 Qualities of a Great Freight Partners

Posted by Aaron Keller on 4/27/18 1:25 PM


As a logistics professional for over 20 years, I've seen many changes take place on the transportation side of things.

Think back to the late 1990s; email was just starting to become mainstream in the business world, the internet was gaining popularity, and the smart phones we now rely on to get through our entire day was a pay phone; unless of course you were Zack Morris.

Business relationships were built on face-to-face interactions with open dialog about each party's pain points and strategies. The goal was working together to both become more efficient, and to be better suppliers to customers. 

Email, the internet, and of course our smart phones have easily made us all more productive. However, the face-to-face business interactions that now take place on our electronic devices make the idea of a partnership seem more like a one-way street.

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Custom Reporting For Your Supply Chain

Posted by Austin Barth on 4/20/18 2:15 PM

When we research the various projects that we quote in our desire to grow our businesses and expand our profit margins, intense scrutiny of the Scope of Work or Statement of Work is of utmost importance.

We obviously want to know how many product turns there will be, or what the seasonality of the freight volume looks like. We do know there is a certain fudge-factor of the +/- 20% on these numbers, but they give us a ballpark idea of what the prospective piece of business looks like.

One thing we often overlook in our excitement to solve the customers' problem is their need for custom reporting. Defining your reporting requirements to your 3PL during the scope of work will allow them to accurately estimate the upfront costs and reasonable amount of time to create them. Additionally, defining reports that are Want vs. Need will save you money in IT charges for reporting that doesn't provide value to your operations. 

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How Under Utilized Trailers Impact Lane Pricing

Posted by Aaron Keller on 4/13/18 1:52 PM

As the Vice President of Sales at Keller Trucking, and the person who approves the rates for all of our truckload freight, I find it interesting how the use of dropped trailers at customers' facilities has increased over the years; and that shippers expect carriers to view the use of dropped trailers as just a cost of doing business.

The truth is that carriers prefer not to drop trailers, but we have to due to restricted shipping and receiving hours or the customers' lack of resources to unload and load efficiently. 

In today's market, a typical 53' van trailer can average as much as $28,000. Keeping your total costs at a minimum by utilizing that trailer as much as possible during its 5-year life span is of great importance.

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