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6 Key Factors to Becoming A Shipper of Choice

Posted by Meredith Mickey on 5/18/18 2:32 PM
Meredith Mickey
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Over head view of Keller blue truck driving through front gate at warehouse with text- Shipper Of Choice

As the freight market continues to evolve and tighten, carriers can be more selective about the freight they accept. As a shipper, making your freight more favorable to carriers will ensure you have capacity when you need it most. 

By following payment terms, being flexible with delivery schedules, providing visibility to your carriers, being up front with expectations, providing driver amenities, and keeping the lines of communication open will make you a shipper of choice to your carriers and therefore, your freight is more likely to selected by a carrier when capacity gets tight.  

Check out the info graphic below for more details:

6 Key Factors to Becoming a Shipper of Choice


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