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Compliments of your True Blue Logistics Crew


3 KPIs To Use Right Now to Measure and Improve Carrier Performance

How to Make Working in Logistics Attractive to a Younger Demographic

How to Get Loads Covered and Increase Your Carrier Acceptance Rates

A Quick Look at How Shippers Can Benefit From Smart Load Boards

Transportation Economics- What's Causing the Supply Shortage

Top Ways to Stay in Control of Your 3PL Partnership

Why Flexibility in a Warehousing 3PL Partner is so Important

Are Nuclear Verdicts Out of Control?

How to Overcome the Tight Labor Market in the Trucking Industry

Freight Rates, Demand, and Capacity in the New Normal

Where Should you Locate Your Fulfillment Center?

Here's What's Next for the Logistics Industry

Shipper of Choice, Redux

Finally, a Transportation and Warehousing Performance Guarantee!

How Technology Can Improve Warehouse Efficiency

Key Takeaways From the 31st State of Logistics Industry Report

Three Important Warehousing Trends to Look Out For in 2020

Four Tips You Need to Know to Lower Shipping Costs

8 Dock and Shipping Operations Improvements to Lower Costs

Advantages of Outsourcing to a Managed Transportation Partner

Breakdown of the 2020 State of Logistics

What is Critical to Ask Your Carrier About Technology?

7 Essential Expectations to Have of Your Warehouse Partner

Importance of Industry Standards & On-Time Delivery

A Fundamental Guide to Contract Packaging Services

Challenges Carriers Face in 2020 at a Glance

Enhancing Your Product with Secondary Packaging

Six Co-Packing Questions to Answer Before Outsourcing

Analysis: 3PLs Seeing Beverage Growth Due to Health Crisis

Frequently Asked Questions: Contract Packaging Edition

Time to Consider Outsourcing Warehousing & Distribution Processes

CFOs: How You Can Drive Cost Efficiency in the Logistics Function

How the Defense Production Act Could Impact Shippers

How 3PLs Help Shippers Find Better Spot Rates for Irregular Routes

COVID-19 in the Supply Chain- What Shippers Should Know

How the Defense Production Act Could Impact Shippers

Analysis: Business Insider Report on the HOS Suspension

Four Things That are Leveraged When Working With a Freight Broker

What's causing trucking companies to go bankrupt?

Reflecting on Hard Work and Honesty

Finding a Successor for the Next Generation

State Dignitaries Among Those Gathered for Keller Trucking's Final 40th Anniversary Event

Fuel Surcharges: How do they affect the supply chain?

What's the definition of a 3PL?

Overcoming Unexpected Hardships

Taking Over; My Business, My Terms

Delphos Ohio Cold Storage Facility

Understanding the Value of Dedicated Operations

New Ideas for New Beginnings

Keller Logistics Group President & CEO, Bryan Keller, Receives State Level Recognition For Supporting Veterans

Continuously Improving "The Way We've Always Done It"

Acquiring Talent in a Tight Labor Market

The Whirlwind Life of a Salesman

How to Stay Safe on the Road this Summer

Outsourcing: An Outside of the Box Solution to Labor Shortages

2018 Operation KAVIC Fundraising Events

Serving the Call of Duty

Honoring Memorial Day 2018

6 Key Factors to Becoming A Shipper of Choice

Learning From Hardships

4 Qualities of a Great Freight Partner

Custom Reporting For Your Supply Chain

How Under Utilized Trailers Impact Lane Pricing

Turning Opportunity into Profit

The Benefits of Working With an HPP Toller

Dallas Texas Warehouse Spotlight

5 Characteristics You Should Look For When Seeking a 3PL Partner

Primary and Secondary Packaging Services

Creating Company Culture with Modest Beginnings, Building Work Ethic on the Keller Farm

Freight Brokerage Needs To Be Part of Your Transportation Strategy

Encouraging Cooperation Can Lower the Cost of Freight for Shippers

Winning 2018 Best Fleets To Drive For Helps Keller Trucking Customers

Reflecting on Success and the Growth of Keller Trucking

Keller Trucking Celebrates 40 Years of Driving Forward

Hydrofresh HPP

Napoleon, Ohio Warehouse Spotlight

How the ELD Mandate is Affecting Shippers

Maximizing Warehouse Capacity Using Racks

Writing an RFP for a 3PL Provider

Defiance Joins Together to Support Operation K.A.V.I.C.

Jump into a Company Wellness Program

How to Engage Remote Warehouse Employees: Have some fun

How to Engage Remote Warehouse Employees: Take A Chance

Thomas E. Keller Trucking Named a 2017 EPA SmartWay High Performer

How to Engage Remote Warehouse Employees Through Communication

Your Logistics Functions: Should They Stay or Should They Go?

Analyzing Your Compensation Package

Contract Packaging Services Ease Strain of Busy Season

Lean On Me To Be Your Dedicated Contract Carrier

Countdown to the ELD Mandate

Driver Recruiting and Retention Takes Patience

The 6 C's of the 3PL Selection Process

Holiday Tradition Extends Beyond Arlington National Cemetery

6 Areas to Focus on Minimizing Warehouse Waste

Keller Logistics Group Receives Recognition as 2017 Top 3PL Provider

What is Contract Packaging?

Safety Cultures Promote a Sense of Safety for All

Operation K.A.V.I.C. Assists Veterans in Crisis

5 Warehousing Lean Tips for Efficient Operations

Important Considerations in Warehouse Site Selection

How Contract Packagers Improve Focus on Core Operations

Drivers Deliver Your July 4th Favorites

Creating Company Culture With a Little Help From My Friends

3PL Partners Help Small & Mid-sized Shippers

The Logic Behind Short Haul Trucking Rates

Trucking Safety Finds It's Way into Health and Wellness Culture

10 Ways to Keep Truck Drivers' Health from Running on Empty

Strategic 3PL Partnerships Add Value

Stuck in the Middle With a Tweener Load

Choosing a Freight Broker, Do They Have the Right Stuff?

Primary, Secondary, Co- or Contract Packaging- the Choice Is Yours

3PLs Ease 3 Common Fears About Outsourcing

Take the Fear Out of Freight Brokering

The Cost to Onboard New Drivers and What it Means for Your Business

How Safety Initiatives Save Money for Shippers and Their Customers

Keller Trucking: A Day Riding Shotgun

The Critical Impact of On-Time Deliveries

Top 5 Ways to Increase Safety on Loading Docks

Keller Warehousing Awarded $40k Safety Intervention Grant

Keller Logistics Group Raises over $40,000 for Local Veterans

Is Limited or Scarce Warehouse Space Something Your Company Should Worry About?

Lean Logistics: What Does it Mean for Your Bottom Line?

5 Tips When Taking Your Dog on the Road with You

What Can 3PLs Do To Protect Their Cargo?

Keller Coffee Drinkers

How to Create and Implement a Truckload Freight Strategy That Works

The Operation K.A.V.I.C. Story

Why I Drive

7 Reasons We Love Keller Drivers

7 Tips for Semi Truck Backing Safety

Keller Purchases 10  Volvo Day Cab Trucks

A Day on the Road

Making an Investment in Safety

It's Just an Inspection, Keep Calm!

5 Ways to Reduce Driver Detention and Improve Service

Keller Opens Office in Downtown Toledo

Keller Employees Put the Brakes on Cargo Theft

7 Tips for Managing Health on the Road

A Day in the Life of a Dispatcher

7 Safety Tips for Summer Driving

Thomas E. Keller Trucking History

A Wonderful Gift From a Wonderful Organization

Keller Trucking Renews SmartWay Partnership


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