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Charlotte Larsen

Charlotte Larsen

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CFOs: How You Can Drive Cost Efficiency in the Logistics Function

Posted by Charlotte Larsen on 5/20/20 11:48 AM

Every company can use logistics to help scale its business and develop a unique competitive advantage. The effect logistics has on reaching these goals is something a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is especially able to see and value, despite their minimal daily interaction with the function, because of their position within a company. Even though CFOs are more removed, they can still directly impact the cost efficiency in the logistics function.

A great example is how huge industry players like Amazon have been successful because of the investments they’ve made into their logistics infrastructure. These investments have allowed them to create a competitive advantage over other retailers which now places them in the position to compete against prior logistics partners they once heavily depended on. With input coming from the right financial perspective, logistics investments can be a huge enabler for other shippers in much the same way.

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