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Maximizing Warehouse Capacity Using Racks

Posted by Heather May on 12/15/17 8:07 AM

If you're like most of us, over the past few months we've been thinking about ways we can improve in 2018. You may be thinking of a New Years' resolution, picking up a new hobby, or even focusing on improving KPIs at work. For those of us in logistics, specifically warehousing and distribution, maximizing the capacity of our warehouses is a constant we are working toward improving. From my experience, when we see capacity constraints, our next step is to look at the warehouse design to make it more functional. 

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How to Engage Remote Warehouse Employees: Have some fun

Posted by Heather May on 11/8/17 8:00 AM

Song inspiration: I wanna have some fun by Samantha Fox, 1988

We've reached Part III of How to Engage Remote Warehouse Employees. In Part I, we talked about how to engage remote warehouse employees through communication; and that communication needs to be at the center of your relationships with your employees. 

Last week, in the second article, How to Engage Remote Warehouse Employees, Take a Chance on Me; we discussed ways to empower your crew so their observations and insights can be used to make your warehouse better. 

So, finally we're going to discuss part III of engaging remote warehouse employees; it's to have some fun! 

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How to Engage Remote Warehouse Employees: Take A Chance on Me

Posted by Heather May on 11/1/17 7:15 AM


Song Inspiration: Take a Chance on Me by ABBA, 1978

Last week, I posted the first part of the three part series: How to Engage Remote Warehouse Employees Through Communication. This week I'll continue that topic and focus on the second aspect of engaging remote warehouse employees: Empowerment 

First, let's recap for those that read the blog last week. (If you haven't read it yet, here's the link, take a few minutes to read it now)  Engaging Remote Warehouse Employees through Communication. The key take-away from last week's article was putting communication at the core of your relationships with your employees if you want to be sure your employees are engaged in their job, their work, and their company. 

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How to Engage Remote Warehouse Employees Through Communication

Posted by Heather May on 10/25/17 7:15 AM

Song inspiration: Communication, Janet Jackson, 1984

Communication | Say the words | Are you there? | Can I be heard?

As a Regional Operations Manager, I oversee six warehouses throughout the mid-west. The distance varies as I can visit some with a day trip, others require a half-day drive, and I even have a few that require flying or driving the entire day to see. So, how do I engage remote warehouse employees? 

Being a manager is a tough job, being a manager of remote employees adds a few curve balls to the managers role. We rely on many forms of communication to get our work done; phone, email, and even video conferencing.

Now we're livin' in the computer age | The pictures on my video

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It Takes Two, Strategic 3PL Partnership Adds Value

Posted by Heather May on 5/31/17 7:30 AM

Song Inspiration: It Takes Two, Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock, 1988

The necessity to add value to basic warehousing for today’s customers is becoming ever more important. Strategic partnerships allow for the opportunity to focus on what you do best and allow your partner to fill the void where your team may lack experience or infrastructure. Specifically, in the warehousing environment, it has become paramount to be able to add value for your customers as a 3PL partner.

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