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Holiday Tradition Extends Beyond Arlington National Cemetery

Posted by Julie Wanstedt on 8/25/17 9:29 AM

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Keller Logistics Group Receives Recognition as 2017 Top 3PL Provider

Posted by Julie Wanstedt on 8/21/17 10:47 AM

Defiance, OH: Keller Logistics Group, an asset based Third Party Logistics Provider (3PL) serving the Food & Beverage along with other key industry verticals announced today that, for the second year, they have been selected as one of Food Logistics Top 3PL & Cold Storage Providers. Food Logistics Magazine publishes this exclusive provider listing yearly and is used consistently as a planning tool for supply chain professionals.

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Take the Fear Out of Freight Brokering

Posted by Julie Wanstedt on 3/1/17 11:01 AM

Yes, we said the “B” word – Brokering.

When it comes to a shipper’s transportation strategy, many companies view asset based transportation companies as the only option for moving freight, so just the thought of “brokering” can send shippers running in fear.  That’s because the old model of freight brokering lacked the transparency and the control the shipper had over their load, resulting in customers with late, damaged, or even lost product. 

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The Cost to Onboard New Drivers and What it Means for Your Business

Posted by Julie Wanstedt on 2/8/17 9:30 AM

Ask any human resources representative and they will tell you: Having to hire and onboard new employees is a costly event, both in terms of actual financial resources but also in less tangible ones, such as time or productivity loss. 

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How Safety Initiatives Save Money for Shippers and Their Customers

Posted by Julie Wanstedt on 1/31/17 11:30 AM

The number one goal for any organization should be the safety of its employees. Nowhere is that more true than in warehouse and/ or manufacturing settings, environments where there are ample opportunities for injury.

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Topics: Transportation, Safety

The Critical Impact of On-Time Deliveries

Posted by Julie Wanstedt on 1/18/17 9:30 AM

On-time delivery is one of the biggest concerns for today’s supply and logistics businesses. Many factors contribute to delays, some of which are outside of the control of the logistics provider. From the more obvious, such as weather, traffic and delays on loading docks meeting on-time deliveries, or not meeting them, can have a critical impact on shippers and the entire supply chain.

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Topics: Transportation, 3PL, Logistics

Top 5 Ways to Increase Safety on Loading Docks

Posted by Julie Wanstedt on 1/4/17 9:30 AM

Prior to the creation of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in 1971, nearly 14,000 workers were killed on the job each year. Fortunately, today’s workplaces are considerably safer; in fact, fatalities have dropped from 38 to 13 per day.

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Keller Warehousing Awarded $40k Safety Intervention Grant

Posted by Julie Wanstedt on 12/28/16 2:58 PM

Keller is always looking for ways to improve warehouse safety for ALL employees AND visitors.

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Is Limited or Scarce Warehouse Space Something Your Company Should Worry About?

Posted by Julie Wanstedt on 10/31/16 10:00 AM

Warehouse space in areas like Georgia and Texas are seeing an unprecedented lack of vacancy. According to a report from Colliers International, this is a reflection of a national trend. The report uncovered a “critical need for more extensive logistics and warehousing networks in towns and cities worldwide to support urban, online demand.”

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Topics: 3PL, Warehousing

Lean Logistics: What Does it Mean for Your Bottom Line?

Posted by Julie Wanstedt on 10/27/16 3:30 PM

Today’s business owners are tasked with competing in an increasingly more global market while ensuring materials are available and maintaining product inventory to meet customer demand without compromising cost or speed of products and services. Implementing lean logistics practices, or the reduction of waste from materials and products, order processing, employee time, and loss of sales throughout the supply chain, can mean crucial benefits to the bottom line of a business.

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