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Julie Wanstedt
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What Can 3PLs Do To Protect Their Cargo?

Posted by Julie Wanstedt on 10/5/16 11:00 AM

Cargo theft has been around as long has product has been transported. From pirates to road bandits, product en route from one place to another has always been at jeopardy for those who would take advantage. What can 3PLs do to protect their cargo?

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Topics: Transportation, 3PL, Logistics, Safety

How to Create and Implement a Truckload Freight Strategy That Works

Posted by Julie Wanstedt on 9/28/16 10:00 AM

 There can be plenty of uncertainty in the shipping and trucking business sectors. One way to reduce the chance of surprises is being proactive in creating and implementing an effective truckload freight strategy. An effective strategy can save time, money and plenty of headaches down the road.

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Topics: Transportation, 3PL, Logistics

Making an Investment in Safety

Posted by Julie Wanstedt on 8/4/16 11:00 AM

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Topics: Transportation, Logistics, Safety

5 Ways to Reduce Driver Detention and Improve Service

Posted by Julie Wanstedt on 7/29/16 3:00 PM

At Keller Trucking, we are committed to dependable service for our customers. In the trucking industry, we face many issues that can make that commitment a challenge. One of these issues is driver detention, or how long a driver must wait to have freight loaded or unloaded. 

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Topics: Transportation, Logistics

A Wonderful Gift From a Wonderful Organization

Posted by Julie Wanstedt on 2/22/16 4:43 PM

We received a very unexpected & extremely thoughtful gift today from our friends at Wreaths Across America. As you have seen from previous posts in December, Keller Trucking was honored to be a part of the nationwide event of delivering wreaths to the cemeteries and grave sites of fallen veterans. We will display this gift proudly to remind us daily of those who have served and sacrificed. Thank you Wreaths Across America - God Bless You for all you do!

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Topics: Company Culture

Keller Trucking Renews SmartWay Partnership

Posted by Julie Wanstedt on 1/29/16 3:14 PM

Keller Trucking Renews with the U.S. EPA SmartWay® Transport Partnership

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Topics: Corporate News


Posted by Julie Wanstedt on 1/14/16 4:46 PM

Due to the continued growth of Keller Warehousing & Distribution, the Koester Metals building at 1459 Quality Drive, Defiance, OH was purchased to further expand our warehousing footprint locally. This square footage contributes to Keller’s 3mm square feet of warehouse space strategically located across the United States.

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Topics: Warehousing, Corporate News

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