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8 Dock and Shipping Operations Improvements to Lower Costs

Posted by Shaun Hoffman on 4/6/23 8:48 AM

Many different factors affect shipping efficiency. Whether it’s a disorganized dock design, poor carrier communication, inflexible operations, or overly complex processes, inefficiencies have a way of catching up with you. Smart shippers understand the impact of any potential bottleneck in their shipping operation. They’re constantly searching for dock shipping improvements to lower costs and keep their freight moving without delay.

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3 KPIs To Use Right Now to Measure and Improve Carrier Performance

Posted by Ryan Gilliland on 12/23/20 1:16 PM

There are several ways you can analyze the performance of your carriers and 3PLs, and use that information for good. The right metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will ensure you’re getting the level of service you’re paying for by identifying hidden inefficiencies that may be hurting service, as well as costing your company time and money.

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How to Make Working in Logistics Attractive to a Younger Demographic

Posted by Renae Tietje on 12/14/20 7:45 AM

Most of the talk about logistics as an industry focuses on the ways new technologies can be used and the constant drive to improve overall supply chain efficiency; however, one crucial part that is often overlooked is the people. In fact, the transportation industry’s lack of young talent poses one of its most significant challenges. With a steadily aging workforce and a decreasing pool of suitable candidates, we could soon be facing a major labor crisis if we don’t start acting now.

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How to Get Loads Covered and Increase Your Carrier Acceptance Rates

Posted by Neil Hersh on 12/7/20 2:06 PM

If you want to consistently secure capacity at good rates, you’ve got to make your freight appealing to carriers. And while it’s never been easy, getting your products delivered on time has never been more difficult than it is right now due to the current truckload market conditions. As many shippers continue to experience volatile spikes in demand, and carriers remain in recovery from a rough first part of the year, capacity has never been tighter.

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A Quick Look at How Shippers Can Benefit From Smart Load Boards

Posted by Ryan Gilliland on 12/1/20 6:15 AM

One of the leading trends in the shipping industry is the Smart Load Board. This technology matches shippers and carriers with the right loads in ‘intelligent’ ways by utilizing machine learning algorithms and data analytics. With centralized access to expansive logistics networks, shippers and carriers can leverage these freight and capacity finding solutions in ways that automatically identify the most fitting logistics partners for their situation.

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Transportation Economics- What's Causing the Supply Shortage

Posted by Brent McDade on 11/24/20 7:00 AM

Economics seems so easy…supply and demand. As demand goes up, supply reacts accordingly – either supply remains unchanged, but higher prices and longer waits satisfy the demand or increase the supply to satisfy the demand while keeping prices unchanged. But like most things in life, there are many layers to peel back to understand the reasoning behind supply and demand changes. 

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Top Ways to Stay in Control of Your 3PL Partnership

Posted by Carl Maslowski on 11/17/20 7:00 AM

When you’re outsourcing key logistics functions to a third-party logistics provider (3PL), it’s important to have a system in place to track and measure their performance. Whether they’re managing your warehousing, transportation, or entire supply chain from end to end, your company needs a 3PL that can keep up with your supply chain demands.

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Why Flexibility in a Warehousing 3PL Partner is so Important

Posted by Eddie Sink on 11/11/20 8:12 AM

Third-party logistics providers (3PLs) can cover a wide variety of core warehousing services from fulfillment, transportation, and shipping. Regardless of what you’re looking for, leveraging a 3PL’s value-added services can help ease the strain of today’s demanding, fast-paced shipping pressures.

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Are Nuclear Verdicts Out of Control?

Posted by guest writer, Kenneth Kowal on 11/4/20 4:57 PM

Increasing carrier insurance costs in combination with large “nuclear verdict” penalties have played a huge part in the abnormal amount of recent carrier bankruptcies. And, as more juries are awarding these types of verdicts, even some insurance companies are also being forced out of the industry. The extent of this legal issue and the resulting rise in insurance rates are posing a major threat to many trucking and shipper businesses.

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How to Overcome the Tight Labor Market in the Trucking Industry

Posted by Tammi Ulaszewski on 10/28/20 3:37 PM


One of the most difficult issues shippers who operate their own fleet and most logistics companies today face is the persisting lack of available drivers. As a result of this labor shortage, companies have to shell out more cash to keep up with growing demand and ensure their products are moving on time. To effectively manage these tight job market conditions, shippers of all types and sizes need to understand why this phenomenon is occurring in addition to the impact it has on their business – regardless of how they handle their transportation requirements.

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