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How to Make Working in Logistics Attractive to a Younger Demographic

Posted by Renae Tietje on 12/14/20 7:45 AM

Most of the talk about logistics as an industry focuses on the ways new technologies can be used and the constant drive to improve overall supply chain efficiency; however, one crucial part that is often overlooked is the people. In fact, the transportation industry’s lack of young talent poses one of its most significant challenges. With a steadily aging workforce and a decreasing pool of suitable candidates, we could soon be facing a major labor crisis if we don’t start acting now.

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How to Overcome the Tight Labor Market in the Trucking Industry

Posted by Tammi Ulaszewski on 10/28/20 3:37 PM


One of the most difficult issues shippers who operate their own fleet and most logistics companies today face is the persisting lack of available drivers. As a result of this labor shortage, companies have to shell out more cash to keep up with growing demand and ensure their products are moving on time. To effectively manage these tight job market conditions, shippers of all types and sizes need to understand why this phenomenon is occurring in addition to the impact it has on their business – regardless of how they handle their transportation requirements.

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Winning 2018 Best Fleets To Drive For Helps Keller Trucking Customers

Posted by Jonathan Wolfrum on 2/9/18 1:40 PM

On January 30th, 2018, we at Keller Trucking were informed that we are one of 20 for-hire trucking companies in the US or Canada that can bear the honorable distinction of Best Fleets to Drive For! This annual award is produced by CarriersEdge, in partnership with Truckload Carriers Association

The benefit this award brings to our driver recruiting efforts is probably obvious, but the benefits to our trucking customers are not so self-explanatory. So here are my 6 reasons why customers benefit from using fleets that are the best to drive for. 

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Driver Recruiting and Retention Takes Patience

Posted by Lauren Pohlmann on 9/13/17 7:25 AM

It takes a lot of patience and persistence to be successful at recruiting drivers these days. A lot of effort, time, money, and brain power is being put towards finding quality drivers that are a good fit to join our fleet. However, our focus is not solely recruiting, but also retaining our current fleet of safe, professional, and dependable drivers. So… what are we doing?

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Keller Trucking: A Day Riding Shotgun

Posted by Hayden Doehrmann on 1/23/17 6:00 PM

As a new member of the Keller Logistics Crew, more specifically Keller Trucking, I went on an adventure to learn more about what it is like to be a professional truck driver. While it was a relatively short adventure, it was more action packed than a Steven Seagal movie. With every shift of the tractor, a new thought came into my head and another lesson was learned. Here are a few thoughts that will put you in the seat just as I was.  

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5 Tips When Taking Your Dog on the Road with You

Posted by Meredith Mickey on 10/20/16 2:30 PM

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, throughout the month we've been posting pictures of our crew and their adopted dogs on social media to raise awareness.

To go a little further, I thought it would be a good idea to give drivers tips for when they take their adopted dogs on the road with them. But first, some stats:

  • 62% of U.S. families have one or more pets and that’s true for Over the Road Drivers as well.
  • 60% of Truck Drivers are pet owners and 40% take their pet on the road with them!
For those drivers that do take their dog on the road with them, or for those thinking about it, here are 5 things to consider:
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Why I Drive

Posted by Meredith Mickey on 9/15/16 2:00 PM



We’re in the middle of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week and as we’ve been scrolling through blogs and social media posts which thank our nations drivers for doing everything they do day in and day out. While doing this, we all start to wonder; Why do our drivers stay at Keller Trucking?

The most recent national driver turnover number I recall was in an article on that stated the 2015 average was 93%; the first quarter of 2016 was better, but still at a very high national average of 89% turnover.

Awhile back we asked our drivers, “Why do you continue to drive for Keller Trucking?” We analyzed the feedback and were able to come up with five core reasons our drivers keep choosing to drive for us, and we believe these reasons are why our driver turnover rate has consistently been less than half the industry average. That's pretty impressive!

Here we go:

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7 Reasons We Love Keller Drivers

Posted by Meredith Mickey on 9/8/16 3:00 PM

In honor of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (September 11 - September 17), we at Keller Logistics Group and its affiliates have compiled a countdown of our Top 7 Reasons Why We Love our Keller Drivers!

We'll start at #7...

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7 Tips for Semi Truck Backing Safety

Posted by Kelsey Tietje on 8/25/16 1:30 PM

Every truck driver will have to back up at some point during the day, whether backing into a dock or parking the truck. Truck drivers need to be extra cautious when backing up their long trailer. Many truck backing accidents are usually caused by the trucker not spending the time necessary to complete the backing maneuver successfully.

Here are 7 common tips to ensure safe backing up!

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A Day on the Road

Posted by Kelsey Tietje on 8/9/16 2:30 PM

Only being on the road for 10 hours taught me so much more about a typical day in a local truck driver’s life. We started our day in Defiance, OH at 6 am and returned at 4:30 pm that same afternoon. Throughout our day we made many stops, which included Archbold, Holiday City, Clyde, Napoleon, and Bryan. I learned many different things from the challenges they face daily to the different rules and regulations they have to follow and also have a new found respect for drivers.

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