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Trucking Safety: Dances It's Way into Health and Wellness Culture

Posted by Bethanne Woodbury on 6/14/17 7:00 AM

Song Inspiration: "The Safety Dance" by Men Without Hats, 1980


 S...A...F...E...T...Y... Safety! Dance!

We all know the song- but how does this relate to safety at work? Actively participating in safety measures not only promotes, but helps to ensure healthier, happier and more efficient employees.

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How Safety Initiatives Save Money for Shippers and Their Customers

Posted by Julie Wanstedt on 1/31/17 11:30 AM

The number one goal for any organization should be the safety of its employees. Nowhere is that more true than in warehouse and/ or manufacturing settings, environments where there are ample opportunities for injury.

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Top 5 Ways to Increase Safety on Loading Docks

Posted by Julie Wanstedt on 1/4/17 9:30 AM

Prior to the creation of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in 1971, nearly 14,000 workers were killed on the job each year. Fortunately, today’s workplaces are considerably safer; in fact, fatalities have dropped from 38 to 13 per day.

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Keller Warehousing Awarded $40k Safety Intervention Grant

Posted by Julie Wanstedt on 12/28/16 2:58 PM

Keller is always looking for ways to improve warehouse safety for ALL employees AND visitors.

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What Can 3PLs Do To Protect Their Cargo?

Posted by Julie Wanstedt on 10/5/16 11:00 AM

Cargo theft has been around as long has product has been transported. From pirates to road bandits, product en route from one place to another has always been at jeopardy for those who would take advantage. What can 3PLs do to protect their cargo?

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7 Tips for Semi Truck Backing Safety

Posted by Kelsey Tietje on 8/25/16 1:30 PM

Every truck driver will have to back up at some point during the day, whether backing into a dock or parking the truck. Truck drivers need to be extra cautious when backing up their long trailer. Many truck backing accidents are usually caused by the trucker not spending the time necessary to complete the backing maneuver successfully. Here are 7 common tips to ensure safe backing up!

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Making an Investment in Safety

Posted by Julie Wanstedt on 8/4/16 11:00 AM

Investing in our highway’s safety is a critical priority in the trucking industry and, until recently, we have only been able to make a conservative estimate of that investment. Now, thanks to a recent report from the American Trucking Associations (ATA), we have an exact dollar amount to place on that investment.  

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It's Just an Inspection, Keep Calm!

Posted by Kelsey Tietje on 8/2/16 2:30 PM

Roadside inspections are a means of enforcement of the motor carrier safety laws established to help ensure a safer highway environment. Here are the top 10 Driver Violations that you need to be aware of!

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