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Safety Cultures Promote a Sense of Safety for All

Posted by Sarah Cates on 8/2/17 7:17 AM

Time may be money, but life is priceless; our mission for safety runs through every vein of Keller Logistics Group.  From the freight broker in Ohio, to the third-shift forklift driver in Colorado, all the way to the truck driver in West Virginia - Keller stresses the importance of safety in our everyday functions.  Because Keller consists of several remote entities, our Safety crew cannot be everywhere at once and we rely on all employees to promote and sustain a safety culture.

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7 Safety Tips for Summer Driving

Posted by Kelsey Tietje on 6/30/16 2:45 PM

Did you know that there are dangers to driving during the summertime? There are just as many dangers to driving in the summer as there are in the winter. With being right in the midst of summer, it’s very important to be informed of these dangers and how to take precautionary measures for summer safety!

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