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Drivers Deliver Your July 4th Favorites

Posted by Ginger Beyer on 7/4/17 8:15 AM

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The Logic Behind Short Haul Trucking Rates

Posted by Aaron Keller on 6/21/17 7:00 AM


The world of hauling short haul freight, defined as lanes of 250 miles one way, is certainly one that can be lucrative and command a high revenue per mile if executed properly. At the end of the day, it is the goal of leadership, operations, and professional truck drivers to run as many miles per day as quickly, efficiently, and safely as possible; after all, the money is made when trucks are on the road.

Pricing of short haul lanes all comes down to utilization. The dynamics involved with hauling short haul freight can be challenging and costly in labor and equipment if it isn’t utilized properly.

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Topics: Transportation

Stuck in the Middle With a Tweener Load

Posted by Neil Hersh on 5/24/17 10:30 AM

“So a 6am delivery is easier when it’s over 500 miles away as opposed to 300 miles?”

It’s true, Tweener loads are difficult for trucking operations and drivers, let me explain:

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Choosing a Freight Broker, Do They Have the Right Stuff?

Posted by Meredith Mickey on 5/17/17 9:00 AM

Not all freight brokers are created equal, because the old model of freight brokering lacked transparency and shipper control. A strong partnership with the right freight partner will take the fear out of freight brokering and provide endless benefits to your business model.

Your freight broker should be a true business partner that will work with you to meet your supply chain needs by delivering your goods to your customers on time, in good condition, and for a good price.

 Before choosing a freight broker for your shipping needs, it’s important that you evaluate each broker to ensure they are reliable and provide the best service for your needs; in other words, do they have the right stuff?  Here’s our checklist for evaluating the right freight partner for your business.

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Take the Fear Out of Freight Brokering

Posted by Julie Wanstedt on 3/1/17 11:01 AM

Yes, we said the “B” word – Brokering.

When it comes to a shipper’s transportation strategy, many companies view asset based transportation companies as the only option for moving freight, so just the thought of “brokering” can send shippers running in fear.  That’s because the old model of freight brokering lacked the transparency and the control the shipper had over their load, resulting in customers with late, damaged, or even lost product. 

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Topics: Transportation, 3PL

How Safety Initiatives Save Money for Shippers and Their Customers

Posted by Julie Wanstedt on 1/31/17 11:30 AM

The number one goal for any organization should be the safety of its employees. Nowhere is that more true than in warehouse and/ or manufacturing settings, environments where there are ample opportunities for injury.

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Topics: Transportation, Safety

The Critical Impact of On-Time Deliveries

Posted by Julie Wanstedt on 1/18/17 9:30 AM

On-time delivery is one of the biggest concerns for today’s supply and logistics businesses. Many factors contribute to delays, some of which are outside of the control of the logistics provider. From the more obvious, such as weather, traffic and delays on loading docks meeting on-time deliveries, or not meeting them, can have a critical impact on shippers and the entire supply chain.

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Topics: Transportation, 3PL, Logistics

What Can 3PLs Do To Protect Their Cargo?

Posted by Julie Wanstedt on 10/5/16 11:00 AM

Cargo theft has been around as long has product has been transported. From pirates to road bandits, product en route from one place to another has always been at jeopardy for those who would take advantage. What can 3PLs do to protect their cargo?

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Topics: Transportation, 3PL, Logistics, Safety

How to Create and Implement a Truckload Freight Strategy That Works

Posted by Julie Wanstedt on 9/28/16 10:00 AM

 There can be plenty of uncertainty in the shipping and trucking business sectors. One way to reduce the chance of surprises is being proactive in creating and implementing an effective truckload freight strategy. An effective strategy can save time, money and plenty of headaches down the road.

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Why I Drive

Posted by Meredith Mickey on 9/15/16 2:00 PM



We’re in the middle of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week and as we’ve been scrolling through blogs and social media posts which thank our nations drivers for doing everything they do day in and day out. While doing this, we all start to wonder; Why do our drivers stay at Keller Trucking?

The most recent national driver turnover number I recall was in an article on that stated the 2015 average was 93%; the first quarter of 2016 was better, but still at a very high national average of 89% turnover.

Awhile back we asked our drivers, “Why do you continue to drive for Keller Trucking?” We analyzed the feedback and were able to come up with five core reasons our drivers keep choosing to drive for us, and we believe these reasons are why our driver turnover rate has consistently been less than half the industry average. That's pretty impressive!

Here we go:

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